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love the game 


I feel betrayed, I had the total wrong thought about what this game was going to be

So I definitely did not think that this game was at all what it wound up being. I legitimately thought this was going to be a bit of an... adult type of game. I was expecting funny jokes, occasional goofs and nudity. I was completely mistaken, but this was well done and definitely had me feeling some sort of way. 

im too lazy to play the game so im just gonna get mad that this has a survival tag

the music made it so scary  😥

holy shit

This made me so stressed out! But... it also made me appreciate the healthy relationships in my life. :-D


hey, is there nudity? Im about to stream it and my stream wants to know. hurry and answer quickly i dont have all day. thanks


lol it's been 7 months and no reply 


i've been able to occupy my streams attention so far...but i really need an answer asap

No nudity.  Sorry for the super late reply.

its okay. they said it was sexy though

You were able to stalk them for 7 months? 😂



Okaay... It was creepy. 

Very impressed. Plenty of choices which I love and the voice acting was great. What a story :) Play this!