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Hi there I purchased the apk version from here and I have been enjoyed the read immensely on my commute. Are you going to make any novels in the future?


Aw, thanks!  I'm still working on finishing the zombie project, and another secret game!

Nice, looking forward to it.

It's fun and all with the relatable stuffs such as sibling problem but, when you complete an ending the achievement on Steam doesn't showed up at all. I'm the type to collect achievement but not being able to is suck. I saw some others having this problem as well so it's not just me, please fix this or give me any advice to fix it.

Greatly appreciate it.

Was the android version ever released? I managed to find an old 0.4 apk but nothing newer. You could always release the android version here in apk form

I should really update it.  There is a version on Google Play but it's an older apk.

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I actually couldn't find the google play one, it seems to have been taken down since even the link here doesn't work. Also maybe you should just include the apk file here

A month later I've finally uploaded an android file on here.  Thanks!



With the latest version, I'm getting the following error during play :

I also got that, I got no idea what to do.


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Thanks for that.  We appreciate it.

I think you got our earliest upload of the files at the end of the jam - before they'd been proofread.  With 83k of text that's a LOT of proofreading!

Everything should be fixed up now in the latest uploads.