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Wanted: Dragon

To Aid in Regaining Throne, No Experience Necessary

Chrysandra is the crowned princess of Novaria, but she is not first in line for the throne. To rectify that grave injustice she has decided to get even with the whole kingdom and get a dragon to help her in her mad grab for power (or in burning the place to the ground).

Of course procuring a dragon for her evil schemes is not always easy, and with a do-gooder mage hindering her, she might have to think about very crafty ways to get what she wants.

Will she succeed? Will she fail? Will she fall in love?

...is she even capable of love?

a visual novel with 9 endings, in English or Español


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the self-voicing/clipboard support don't work properly, so i can't play.

I FINALLY found this game again. Just replaying through some old, memorable, indie visual novels. I remember it being short and to the point, with endings that made sense. I think Balrung was my favourite, but I guess there's not much competition lolol, unless you like morons... Whoa, actually, there's quite a lot of competition, now that I think about it XD Isn't that a thing for some people? Anyway. I remember the MC being unique, which I LOVED. She was really fun to play and watch, since she seemed to be incredibly irritating in-world, but thoroughly entertaining for me from behind the screen. Thank you for posting this game (though it's been quite a while) I'm now off to replay it.

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I love this game so much lmao

The characters are so good and the MC is so sassy and i love her so much.

Of course, Cyril is the best boy out of all the boys and I wish I can see more of them again.

maybe a sequel or something cuz I wanna buy it if the creator makes more of them


I feel bad for Cyril but I think Chrysanda is a great MC. Her personality is very unique and sassy.